I put a human figure in the foreground by telling about the entity existing in a chaotic world of monitors invasion and violence. Created reality is not favorable to human being – contrary – it is uncertain, cruel and denies dignity. There appears a problem of shallowness of life, emptiness, loneliness. I associate images of mortality with spirituality and carnality. I ask about the subconscious ideas of meanings : female – male – human. I contest traditional interpretation of sexuality, burdened with guilt, considered wrong. Opposing to found cultural phenomena, I agree with Michel ‘s Henry theory about “reverse” phenomenology. I do not put in contradiction physicality and spirituality. If the soul is corporeal, is material as well. I’m telling about video terror in wide meaning : about shaping public opinion by the media ; obsession of media success ; monitoring phenomenon enhancing anxiety and preventing the creation of high-quality social life. I’m telling about lack of reflection of cyberspace and its expansiveness, wherein space-time dimension becomes abstracting. My heroes are people who accepted the role of sexual avatars, porn heroes, becoming the victims. Porn hedonism, impulse of life which I combine with root death, alluding to Lacan’s jouissance.