I was always very afraid of kitsch, so I decided to face it.
I touch on the problems of bourgeois aesthetics, trying to show subcutaneous ills and aspirations of the modern world, created by mass media. Does pink still have to be a color reserved only for girls? Does it have to be a color that only defines the feminine element? What happens in male heads at the sight of female sexuality that their mind goes through the “error” and they stop hearing women in political, cultural, social and artistic discourse? I keep wondering what I am from nature and how I am from culture. What shapes me? Every time I am unable to fully answer this question, so many patriarchal patterns have grown in me from birth. I relate to issue of using female body as economical and marketing fetishes. Can a woman still be just an image to watch, a colorful marketing fetish? In this cycle women’s enslavement in Sharia culture blends seamlessly with BDSM practices and Disney cartoon characters. I’m building a narrative through multiplication of colored threads, juxtaposed mutually in an absurd way. The portrait of my partner “Pink surfer” is a way of disenchantment negative connotations of pink. I’m asking about dreams of contemporaneous man, I’m analysing the hidden mechanisms of power based on the observation of pop culture. Who is the modern man? What is contemporary art? Whither drives us the image culture ? To this questions each of us has to answer for ourselves.