Bourgeois aesthetics problems. The art firmly rooted in our time, showing subcutaneous ills and aspirations of the modern world, created by mass media. „ In my work I’m refering to issues of using female body as economical and marketing fetishes. Similarly as Lucy Irigary In Her book „Woman on the market”, I’m following in my paintings structural homology between women and goods In capitalistic world. The woman as an image, the woman as an object – colorful, marketing fetish. I’m building a narrative through multiplication of colored threads, juxtaposed mutually in an absurd way. I’m as king about dreams of contemporaneous man, I’m analysing the hidden mechanisms of power based on the observation of pop culture. I do not criticize , I do not take a stand, I do not give a definite answer. Who is the modern man? What is contemporary art? Whither drives us the image culture ? To this questions each of us has to answer for ourselves. Painting the colorful, motley artifacts gaves me enormous fun, border between contractual gestures has blurred entirely, closes road to more sublime emotional needs. This action is similar to computer games, or second life.