Screenshots of quotes spoken in the context of the exhibition “I want to be a woman” by Sławomir Marzec’s curatorry, opened on March 8, 2019. Eight of them come from the official website of Galeria XX1 located on Facebook.
The other two screenshots concern discussion which occurred as a result of public sharing of the curatorial text of Sławomir Marzec’s authorshipment.
Text shared by Karol Sienkiewicz.
Quotes’ screens are  something more  than just a critical analysis of the exhibition “”I want to be a woman”. Not only I enter into a polemic  with  the curator’s text of  Sławomir  Marzec,  and the contemporary attitude of a dozen or so artists – men participating in it. I show how much resistance is still being faced by the emancipation process of women, generating aggressive and conservative attitude of male art environments. The environments recognized mostly as a cultural mainstream. This fact does not optimize me and it shows the still existing broad discrimination problem of women.
Paintings along the titles  complements my comment to the exhibition “I  want to be  a woman” and  they are an expression of reflection  on  a  woman’s  image in a   universal sense.      I’m asking about the aesthetics of femininity and how it affects stereotyping in the perception of female roles, female traits, conditions and trends. I wonder what I should be like to defend my own dignity, mentality, competence without losing my own femininity.