My Fukkatsu series is cybershamanic art based on primal knowledge, intuition, emotional intelligence, subconsciousness and dreams. It is a bridge between what is corporeal and spiritual, between decay and life, between what is individual and universal, between culture and nature, between the cybernetic and material worlds. This is a story about being a shamanic mother. About places and spaces in my head that were primarily in me and that were forgotten by the speed and superficiality of the reality in which we live every day. The culture of patriarchy not only marginalized, belittled and deprecated the aspects of intuition, high sensitivity and emotional intelligence, but also gave them a pejorative connotation due to the fact that these are feminine domains. Until recently, emotions exposed especially to public view were considered undesirable. However, today’s psychology is sounding the alarm because it turned out that this state of affairs has made people sick. Emotions are the basis of humanity – they are a strong energy that brings us into a state of life. If we didn’t have emotions, we would just be robots or psychopaths. As women come to the fore, intuition is increasingly becoming the subject of scientific inquiry, as are prophetic dreams. I have always been highly sensitive, I sensed the emotions of my surroundings and predicted events. After the birth of my beloved child and with the death of my dearest mother, with whom we had a very beautiful and unique relationship, I came even closer to my original knowledge, premonitions and intuition. This cycle was created very slowly, it is the first one after the birth of my son Titian and is the result of the external and internal world getting closer. I weave together a multitude of symbols from different worlds and materials – logos of famous brands with holy images, hair, emblems of death and money, covered with gold. I do not shy away from strong colors and I am not afraid of any materials – I create bas-reliefs on canvases using silicone, fur, wood, metal, felt, etc. By juxtaposing various forms and contents in a non-obvious way, I give them new meanings, until they completely implode.They become everything and at the same time nothing. I feel like I’m in a looped trance. I do not believe in a systemic approach to world order.  I talk about the fluid reality I sense, so mystical that it effectively defies definition. I have always been most attracted to what is unmeasurable and uncountable. I call myself a shamanic mother, a traveler who has been reborn once again. Fukkatsu means rebirth in Japanese. Human is an open and fluid composition – changeable. Any external framing system takes away from the essence of things. This series is also a tribute to motherhood, which is undervalued in our culture. So far, feminist art has drawn attention to many important issues, but rather focused on the negative and sad side of the mother’s role. There is a need to reformulate the definitions and associations related to motherhood, which is extremely mystical, heroic, liberating and, in a sense, immeasurable. Motherhood connects the material world with the spiritual world. Intuition and emotional intelligence are the batteries of the mother shaman, the connector of the earth with the cosmos in the space that embraces everything.